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At, we’re expanding our dynamic team and are eager to welcome experts in the automotive field. Currently, we’re opening doors for seasoned writers, researchers, and editors who possess a profound grasp of vehicle engines, their maintenance intricacies, and the evolving technological landscape.


We are on the hunt for proficient and zealous Contributing Authors to craft compelling and expert-level content centered around engine maintenance, oil specifications, and filter technology. As a part of our team, your role involves developing comprehensive guides, insightful comparisons, practical maintenance advice, and deep-dive articles that cover the spectrum of automotive engines.

Ideal candidates should have an expansive knowledge of various engine models, their unique specifications, and upkeep requirements. We value an in-depth understanding of the latest advancements in automotive engineering and engine performance.

We’re looking for individuals with a proven ability to create clear, engaging, and informative content that resonates with our audience, ranging from casual car owners to hardcore enthusiasts. A background with at least 5 years in automotive journalism or a related editorial sector is preferred. At, our goal is to deliver information that’s not just accurate but also accessible and supremely useful for our readers.

This remote role offers attractive compensation reflective of your experience. If your passion lies in engines and you’re skilled at transforming this passion into compelling written content, we’re excited to welcome you aboard!


Our team at is looking to recruit an Automotive Researcher to fortify our editorial capabilities. Your main task will be to meticulously gather and authenticate detailed data, forming the foundation of our content.

As an Automotive Researcher, you’ll be tasked with staying current with the latest in engine technology, oil standards, and filtration advancements. Your role includes compiling technical data on engine features, and performance parameters, and conducting comparative studies across various engine models.

The ideal applicant should be exceptionally organized, detail-focused, and harbor a genuine enthusiasm for automotive exploration. We’re seeking someone who is deeply invested in uncovering the intricacies of engine technology, keeping pace with sector developments, and distilling complex technical data into understandable summaries.

A bachelor’s degree in a field relevant to our industry, such as journalism, communications, or automotive engineering, is required. We prefer candidates with at least 3 years of experience in the automotive sector.

This position allows for remote work and offers a salary that aligns with your expertise and experience. If you have a knack for detailed automotive research and are driven by technological curiosity, you’ll be a perfect fit for our team.

EDITORIAL EXPERTISE WANTED is in search of a detail-oriented Editor to uphold the exemplary standard of our content, which focuses on engine technology, maintenance, and allied automotive topics.

In this role, you’ll be responsible for the meticulous proofreading of articles before their publication. This includes verifying facts, refining grammar, tone, and ensuring adherence to our editorial standards. Collaborative interaction with our writers for content enhancement and feedback is a key aspect of this position.

The ideal candidate will bring at least 2 years of editorial experience, a sharp eye for detail, and the proficiency to handle extensive content efficiently. Familiarity with diverse editorial style guides and formats, including AP and Chicago, is critical.

This position demands strong organizational and communication abilities, as it involves overseeing content schedules and managing editorial workflows. Your efforts are vital in maintaining our standing as a trusted source of authoritative knowledge in the automotive engine field.

We offer a remote work environment with a compensation package that is highly competitive and commensurate with your experience. If editorial excellence is your forte, and you’re keen to join a team dedicated to delivering reliable engine expertise, we encourage you to apply.

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